Only 15% of Swiss university students study abroad

Only 15% of Swiss university students study abroad

The proportion of Swiss university graduates who have studied or completed a placement abroad is 15.7%. The target set by the national strategy of the Swiss confederation and the cantons and the objectives of the Bologna Process is 20%. Only one in nine Swiss universities were able to reach this threshold, according to the first internationalisation index of Swiss universities published on Thursday by Movetia, the national agency for the promotion of exchanges and mobility in the education system. The ranking is independent of the type of university and does not depend on the size or age of the institution, nor on the language region concerned, notes Movetia. It shows that all types of institutions, in all language regions, could achieve higher international mobility rates. The mobility rate of a university and its degree of internationalisation are correlated. Students are more inclined to go abroad if the courses in Switzerland include an intercultural dimension or offer…



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