SIEL 2021 Conference Registration Open

SIEL 2021 Global Conference – Rethinking Global Economic Governance, 7-9 July 2021

SIEL 2021 is just a couple of days away now. As you will know SIEL’s 2021 Biennial, will take place July 7-9. Registration remains open and we hope you will join us and register at As you will see, SIEL members can register for free for what we hope you will find a stimulating and timely program. 

The 2021 Biennial Global Conference will link international economic law experts from around the world, providing opportunities to:
– Attend 3 keynote events, 5 roundtables and 28  panel sessions;
– Hear from nearly 200 speakers from around the globe;
– Contact speakers after each session to continue the conversation one-to-one;
– Engage in private text and video conversations with fellow attendees;
– Visit sponsor and exhibitor stands and schedule one-to-one meetings.

You can access the full program here.

With registration rates as low as possible to allow participants from around the world to experience the conference, SIEL is looking forward to welcoming its most global audience ever. 

For registration and full program details, visit:

We look forward to seeing you at SIEL 2021!

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