New CAS in the Regulation of Global Sport in Lausanne…including my lecture on “Sports and Human Rights” – Book to be published soon!

A new university certificate in the Regulation of Global Sport (CAS ReGS).

Regulation is an important concept in global sport which encompasses legal as well as social, political and economic dimensions. As the ecosystem of global sport now includes public and private organisations in addition to the traditional international non-profit sport organisations -which are largely based in Switzerland- it becomes more and more necessary toexplore and understand the concept of regulation. Global sport is governed by domestic/national hard laws, which coexist with transnational rules (soft laws) from various sporting bodies (IOC, WADA, CAS, IFs, etc.). To explore the new challenges and opportunities faced by global sport, the University of Lausanne offers a Certificate of Advanced Studies in the Regulation of Global Sport (CAS ReGS), starting in February 2021 (in 3 one-week modules). For information and registration, please refer to the following link:

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